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AVG is one of the finest and free antiviruses available. An antivirus is used to protect your system or device from attacks of virus, malware, worms. Everything is getting digital and connected to the Internet so to protect your data on your system an antivirus is needed to protect it from attacks.
• prevent viruses, malware, and spyware
• block unsafe link and suspicious files
• scans system for performance issues
• it is updated to newest security threats regularly
• it’s free
There are some issues and errors that users generally face while using AVG.
Those issues and their solution are -

1. ERROR CODE – 0xC0070643

SOLUTION – this error generally comes when installing the free AVG setup, there might be a corrupt file or corrupt setup. You can try downloading the setup again and install it. if the issues still occur then you can contact the AVG support for better help and assistance

2. ERROR CODE – 0xe001f915

SOLUTION – This is the most common error it is caused when the user by mistake cancels the AVG setup installation or installation fails in the middle. To keep it working you can try installing the setup file again

3. ERROR CODE – 0x0060006, 0xE0018D06

SOLUTION – Users can face this error when the setup file is not correctly downloaded that is why installation also failed. So to fix this first you have to completely remove AVG from your system, you can use AVG remover tool for it and then try again downloading the setup file an installing it.

4. ERROR CODE – 0xe001d28

SOLUTION - this error arises when there’s a conflict between other app and AVG. To avoid it you should try removing the other firewall or any other antivirus and try restarting the system and then it will work fine.

5. ERROR CODE - 0xe001f90b, 0xe001f916, 0x6001f916, 0x6001f90b

SOLUTION – these errors usually occurs after the installation the AVG and this can be easily fixed as your system needs to restart after installing the AVG to complete the installation process

These are most common errors faced by the users while using AVG and if still there’s any other issue or problem that you are facing while using AVG or due to AVG you can contact the AVG Customer Support Number and they will assist you and help you to solve your problem.

You can download AVG Antivirus for free from its official website.

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